The 2013 Visa Global Security Summit will bring together expert panelists and keynote speakers to explore the intersection of technology and security and offer diverse perspectives on how industry and government can collaborate to address cyber security. Attendees include top decision-makers from financial institutions, retailers, industry analysts, government, law enforcement, and technology companies to discuss the opportunities and challenges in protecting consumers and digital currency. Keynote speakers will include U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Ellen Richey, chief enterprise risk officer, Visa Inc. and Arthur Coviello Jr., executive vice president, EMC and executive chairman, RSA.

Panel Discussions include:

Responsible Innovation: The Intersection of Security and Technology

New technology platforms and the rise of hyper connectivity continue to transform how we socialize, conduct business and make purchases; relationships are built and transactions happen wherever, whenever and on whatever device. As the lines between online, mobile and point of sale commerce continue to blur, risks are increasing and consumer expectations for trusted and convenient experiences are higher than ever. How do we embed responsibility in our collective innovation agenda and ensure technology closes security gaps instead of opening new ones?

Cyber Crime: Addressing Global Trafficking of Financial Data

At an annual price of $388 billion fraud losses globally, cybercrime costs the world significantly more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined. The increases in sponsored state attacks are changing the nature of the problem and the solutions. Solving such a significant global problem has spurred ideas from the government and private sector ranging from information sharing, to sanctions, to government controlled security frameworks. What are the components of a successful private/public partnership?

Securing Payment Innovations for the Developing World

The developing world represents the next frontier for digital cash. Unhindered by existing infrastructure, developing nations are eager to embrace economic prosperity and mobile technologies. While the drive to go digital is the same, how are these emerging economies securing their mobile and payment infrastructures without sacrificing adoption or the rapid pace of innovation? How are we managing risk relative to the environment?

Building Trusted Digital Identities

In the physical world, a thumb print, a signature or DNA all validate our identities. In a digital world, our identity is much more complicated, grows daily in volume and variety, and is extremely valuable. Securing digital identities in commerce requires a careful and considered use of authentication that manages risk but that doesn’t over reach or causes a back lash from consumers. From EMV chip, OTP to risk-based, dynamic authentication online, what are the best approaches to authenticate the account and account holder without creating friction at the point of purchase?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Visa Global Security Summit?

The Visa Global Security Summit is an open forum to enable a healthy debate among various players on the latest issues surrounding payment card security and help shape the future direction of security innovations.

What is the venue for the Visa Global Security Summit?

Ronald Reagan Building

1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 312-1300

The Visa Global Security Summit conference will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building. This historic building is located in the heart of Washington, D.C., within walking distance of the White House, the Capitol, Smithsonian Museums, many of Washington, D.C.'s finest hotels and other prominent businesses, historical sites and cultural organizations.

Why is attending the Visa Global Security Summit important?

Your voice is critical to the conversation about security. Join the Visa Security Summit to garner insights and perspectives you don't read in the headlines.

Who should join Visa for this event?

This unique gathering brings together top Visa executives, financial institution executives, merchant representatives, policymakers, academics, law enforcement, and thought leaders to discuss the importance of data security and a cooperative effort to reduce payment card fraud. It's open to anyone who plays a role in payment security.

What should I expect to learn from this event?

This summit will cover a broad range of timely, topical issues related to cardholder security. Key issues to be addressed by our executive panels include:

What is the deadline for registering?

Registration will close by September 13, 2013 or sooner if space is filled to capacity. At that point, participants will be placed on a waiting list based on space availability. Previous Security Summits have reached capacity, so please be sure to register early.

How do I book my room at the JW Marriott Hotel?

Hotel Deadline: September 13, 2013

A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the JW Marriott Washington DC at a special conference rate of $329.00 per night (plus taxes).

The JW Marriott Washington DC is at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. and is located across the street from the Ronald Reagan Building, the conference venue.

To secure a hotel room reservation at the JW Marriott Washington DC, conference attendees must submit their hotel reservation request (arrival/departure dates) when registering for the conference through the online registration process. Hotel rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservation requests for this hotel at the special rate will only be accepted through the conference registration process. The deadline to submit hotel requests is September 13, 2013 based on availability. The cancellation no-show policy of the hotel applies.

For additional lodging information on other nearby hotels, please reference the Hotel Information section.

Is there a fee to attend the conference?

There is no conference fee to attend the Visa Global Security Summit; however, we will ask you to confirm your participation two weeks prior. Failure to confirm may result in your registration being cancelled.

With your registration, we are confirming a seat for you at the conference. As a courtesy, if your plans change and you will no longer be able to attend, please notify us immediately of your cancellation BEFORE the event so we can make your slot available to someone on the wait list.

A participant who registers to attend the Visa Global Security Summit but does not show, or does not cancel his/her registration at least two weeks before the conference may result in a canceled registration reservation.

I received an email asking to confirm my registration. Have I been cancelled?

To minimize "no shows," Visa will send a reminder where we will ask that you reconfirm your attendance two weeks before the conference start date. Failure to respond may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Is there a second day to the Visa Global Security Summit this year?

Yes, Visa is offering more in-depth workshops for issuers, merchants, processors, and vendors on the day prior to the conference. For more information about the workshops, click here